Product Faq

  • Why you don't distribute your plug-in in a Zip file in place of the installer?

    Our plug-in use external files like fonts and other additional files, to easing the installation process for our customers we have choose to use an installer. With you can install our plug-ins without worrying if you have all the files on the right places. Our un-installer keep your system clean, all the files are deleted and there are no entry left in your Windows registry.

  • What are the demo limitations?

    The demo versions are fully functional but are restricted by occasional silence and a splash screen. Also you are not allowed to use it in production you distribute freely and/or sell.

  • The integrated MIDI learn don't work in my host software?

    Some hosts (like FL Studio) filters MIDI CC messages coming from MIDI controller, integrated MIDI learn can't work properly in such hosts.

  • Do your plug-ins work on 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 7 and/or 8?

    Yes, all our products are fully compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Actually we distribute only 32 bit versions of our plug-ins, but all 64 bit host can load them through the use of a bit bridge like jBridge.

  • How do I know the version of the plug-in I am using?

    In most of our plug-ins, simply click on the icon "Information" to bring up an information screen where you will find the version number.

  • I have a great plugin idea, or can you add a feature to Plugin X?

    At Tek'it Audio we love to hear your requests for new plug-ins or feature enhancements for our current plug-ins. Actually some of our best features and plug-ins come from our users, so if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The plugin opens fine, but produces no sound or the track becomes silent?

    Try to run your DAW as administrator. On Windows 7 and Vista, right click on your DAW icon and click on "Run as administrator".

  • I hear crackles, pops and glitches when I use a plug-in in FL Studio?

    Enable "Use fixed size buffers" under the Processing tab in Wrapping settings menu (the gear icon on the Fruity Wrapper window) .

  • Do your plug-ins work on my Apple Mac PowerPC (PPC)?

    Sorry, our Mac OS X plug-ins do not support PowerPC processor.

  • I want to completely remove a plug-in from my computer, however after deleting everything and refreshing the plugin list in my DAW, the plugin still shows up.

    On Windows you should use the provided uninstaller to remove all files of a plug-in from your system.
    On Mac OS X delete the desired files in Library/Audio/Plug-ins/.

  • The sequencer of the plug-in don't work in Sonar?

    Check if sonar as set the plugin as "Use as tempo based effect".