Neogen synthesizer updated to v1.1

Neogen synthesizer plug-in has been updated to version 1.1. This update comes with big improvements to reduce the CPU use, some improvements on the User Interface and numerous bug fixed. Neogen is a hybrid (phase distortion/subtractive) polyphonic synthesizer with sound morphing capabilities and a rhythmic arpeggiator/sequencer.

A demo version of "Neogen" is available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows. The full version is available to purchase for €49 / $69.



Changes in Neogen 1.1:

  • BUG on Reverb Level fixed.
  • BUG Sync bug on Auto-pan 1/12 beat fixed.
  • BUG ARP gate fader background consistency fixed.
  • BUG ARP octave and LFO Dip randomize fixed.
  • BUG no undo on Limit parameter fixed.
  • Optimized anti-alias filters.
  • Numerous optimizations to reduce CPU use.
  • Improved Undo management.
  • GUI Added LFO title on filter modulator.
  • GUI Updated TA Logo on main screen.
  • Updated Info Screen infos.
  • Improved installers.

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