Genobazz updated to 1.1

We are pleased to announce the first update of Genobazz, our monophonic bass synthesizer. Genobazz 1.1 has some bugs fixed and some interesting new features, like a new type of waveforms modulation , the glide effect revised, changing octaves in the right click popup menu ...

We hope you like this new version of Genobazz, and make some good music with it !

Genobazz 1.1 monophonic bass synthesizer gui

Change in Genobazz 1.1:

  • Tuning issues fixed (thanks to Frank from
  • Retrigger bug fixed.
  • Glide effect revised.
  • New modulation mode.
  • Octave now show on pitch knob indicator.
  • Change the octave on right click popup menu.
  • Revised patch manager.
  • Patch can be renamed in the plugin.
  • Smaller CPU usage.
  • Revised GUI.
  • Revised patch bank and new patchs.
  • Revised manual.
  • New languages in setup.

Download it NOW !

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