Genobazz R 1.1 VST available !

Genobazz R VST bass synthesizer version 1.1 is available now. Genobazz R is the first anniversary edition of our free monophonic bass synthesizer, released as a gift for our customers. In this update Genobazz R is still based on Genobazz 1.2.3, but we added some features from Genobazz 2 like the new presets manager, the screen design and usability. We also fixed number of bugs, optimised some parts and added six new presets.

Genobazz R 1.1 is available for free as a VST plug-in for all our customers.

Changes in Genobazz R 1.1:

  • Added new preset manager.
  • Added new screen design and usability.
  • Added Info, Social and Help screens.
  • Added 6 new presets.
  • Added Default presets bank file.
  • Optimization on various parts.
  • GUI added and corrected some Hint texts.
  • GUI URL updated.
  • BUG default preset jump on GUI initialization fixed.
  • BUG crash on first launch for some users fixed.
  • Better randomize on the screen value.

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