Genobazz, bass synthesizer updated to 1.2

We are pleased to announce the update 1.2 of Genobazz, our monophonic bass synthesizer.
Genobazz 1.2 has some bugs fixed and many new features, like a new high-pass filter with a slope of 12dB/oct , the "Sub boost" to give punch to your sound when is needed, "Randomize" and "Reset" knobs on the new "Patch Edit" screen, reset the knobs on initial patch value simply by double-clicking on it, some SSE optimizations, an improved user interface and many more improvements.


Genobazz 1.2 monophonic bass synthesizer gui

Changes in Genobazz 1.2:

  • 12dB/oct high-pass filter added.
  • Sub-boost added.
  • Pitch pop-up issues fixed.
  • Patch manager pop-up on the "Patch Edit" screen added.
  • Clickable zone on "waveform" are now larger.
  • "3D style" knobs and other improvements on the GUI.
  • New system for knob parameters , lighter on CPU.
  • Knob can be reset to patch value on double-click.
  • Randomize and Reset All knobs added.
  • Some SSE optimizations added.
  • Patch instruments and Banks from previous version are no longer compatible.
  • Revised user manual.

Download it NOW !

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  • I fell completely in love with this Plugin the very first time I used it. It's awesome and a must have inside your Studio. It make playing Bass sound very simple. I used it on a Track that I produced of my own called "The Enterprise". I very highly recommend this Plugin to other Home Recording Studio owners. It is one of those must haves that no Studio should be without.

    Posted by Eddie S. (DJ High Tek), 17/04/2013 11:04pm (9 years ago)

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