Genobazz 1.2.1, imagine a full randomness !

We are pleased to announce a new update for our freeware bass synthesizer "Genobazz".
Genobazz 1.2.1 has extended features and some bugs fixed. The most exciting feature is the "Randomize" function, you can move the knobs randomly, but now also the switches and controls of the screen. You can leave the chance create totally random patches.

We are now beyond the 10,000 downloads, thank you all for doing such a success of Genobazz, we are pleased to have chosen to share this software with you and we go by your interest in our software, thanks. Don't hesitate to support our futur work by using our others plug-in. Take time to listen the new audio demo and read all the changes made in Genobazz 1.2.1.


Download Genobazz now for free !

Changes in Genobazz 1.2.1:

  • Random on switch and screen parameters added.
  • Added undo changes on all parameters.
  • Reduced CPU on SV filter when "Reso" is modulated.
  • "Modul" knob default CC changed from 77 to 1 Mod wheel.
  • Bug in Cubase on specific configuration resolved.
  • GUI bigger clickable zone on the screen.
  • GUI left click for patch manager popup added.
  • GUI some visual improvements on the screen.
  • GUI some Hint texts changed.
  • Setup added Dutch and Japanese language.

We focus now on the next synthesizer of the Genobazz family, the Genobazz XT. Expect to more bass fun, next year !

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