Discover OIO 2 ONE & NEO bundles

We are pleased to introduce you to our tow new plugin bundles OIO 2 ONE & NEO. We've packed our software's in tow bundles easy to install and manage with one license and one installer.


The all in one bundle for your studio and live performance. Introducing the new OIO bundle. Available NOW.


OIO 2 ONE come with 1 new instrument, 6 new effects and 3 expansions. Including DIGITD, ORU and UINKU HQ distortions. All the last updates, the upcoming macOS and 64-bit ports included too. And the best, you can NOW upgrade from any product.





The 64-bit bundle for your studio and live.

We've packed in only 64-bit version of our software's. If your DAW can only handle 64-bit plugin this is your bundle.

OIO 2 NEO effects includes 8 creative and mixing effects. The new eq's of EQ8 series, our four HQ distortions DigitD, Uinku, Oru and more. 3 synths, discover the pure synthetic drums of Syntik-DR and his 4 sound layers, make monstrous bass line with Genobazz R2 (coming later this month), create 8-bit madness with APC punk synthesizer.



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