APC updated to v1.6.0! Add 64-bit and macOS support.

"APC" stepped tone generator plug-in, has been updated to version 1.6.0. This update finally brings 64-bit support to the Windows version with VST2 / VST3 plug-in formats support and brings APC punk console to macOS. We hope you will enjoy this new version.

Apc vst plugin



  • Adds 64-bit VST2 support for Windows.
  • Adds 64-bit VST3 support for Windows.
  • Adds 64-bit Audio Unit support for macOS.
  • Adds .vstpreset and aupreset format support.
  • Adds .xmlpreset and .xmlbank to exchange preset between formats.
  • New Windows installer program to support the new plug-in formats.
  • Adds package installer for macOS.
  • Fixes Hold and Gate was not working when Keytrack MOD was active.
  • Fixes BEEP Keytrack was not getting all Note Changes.
  • Improves Gate handling.
  • Fixes Loud stop working when put to zero while using Gate or Hold.
  • Fixes output volume was lighter when hold is active.
  • Improves LFO on BLOOP.
  • Tunes filters frequency knobs curve.
  • UI New About Screen icon.
  • Removes Submit Mod's feature.
  • Removes Social and Help Screen.
  • Adds new presets.
  • Drops support for Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • "End User License Agreement" Revised.
  • UI Plug-in information screen updated.
  • User manual revision 4.