APC punk console 1.1 VST available !

"APC" VST synthesizer version 1.1 is available now. "APC VSTi" is a square wave synthesizer that creates "low-fi" sound, re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console. This update comes with four new user mods like an LFO or a lowpass filter and some rework on the GUI giving it a more realistic feel.

TKA - APC "audio sample demo" by Tek'it Audio

Also we introduce in this new version the "Case Mods" that are GUI modifications, the first mod is an alteration of the GUI in the style of the Dubstep producer and DJ "Bit Gitch".

Bit Glitch takes a slightly different approach to the wonderful world of what we call Dubstep, his radical mix of dirty, filthy basslines, 8bit video game influenced synths you know and love, along with heavy, raw, unadulterated womps and wobbles make you moving without being able to stop.

About the APC plug-in Bit Glitch said: "I really like using it to get unique sounds that just aren't possible to achieve with any of my other synthesizers. Whether it's a nasty bass "growl" or "chomp", or some classic 8 bit sounds."

We really enjoy collaborate with him on this graphic mod and hope pursue this collaboration on futur products.

Discover Bit Glitch @ http://soundcloud.com/bitglitch & http://www.facebook.com/bitglitchdubstep

A new demo version of "APC punk console" is available to download as a VST plug-in for Windows. The full version is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for only 10 EUR / 15 USD.


Download the demo now !


Changes in APC 1.1:

- Added BitGlitch Mod
- Added LowPass filter Mod
- Added "Bloop" LFO Mod
- Added Atomic Filter Mod
- Optimization on various parts
- Reworked some elements on the GUI
- GUI new Mods preference menu
- GUI corrected some Hint texts
- Added new presets
- DEMO Updated nagscreen
- DEMO replaced noise system by audio breaks system
- Setup updated and new languages added
- Updated the user manual

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