• Bassdrum Generation expansion for Genobazz released

    A new expansion for Genobazz, "Bassdrum Generation" is now released. Previously only available for Genobazz 2, this new version come with a bank for Genobazz Pro containing 64 well crafted drum kick presets covering all the essential genres of electronic music and 22 MIDI files to help you start to...

  • DubSiren and Badass 2 Halloween Deal

    For 4 days only get DubSiren and Badass 2 at 40% off! DubSiren recreate the siren sounds made famous by Jamaican sound systems. Badass 2 plug-in, give to your sounds a little bad grain or destroy them completely with the help of twelve effects available simultaneously.

  • RECsoprano 1.2 free recorder VST available !

    RECsoprano the soprano recorder plug-in is available now in version 1.2. RECsoprano is a free soprano recorder plugin instrument developed in collaboration with the musician Mihai Sorohan. RECsoprano v1.2 come with numerous optimizations and improvements under the hood.

  • Ixotron free expansion for Genobazz Pro released

    We released the "Ixotron expansion" a bank of 39 bass and FX presets for Genobazz Pro crafted by T. S. George alias AbstractCats, composer and sound designer.The Ixotron presets bank is available for free, royalty free, free for commercial use and is compatible with Genobazz Pro 1.2 and later.

  • Call to Arms: Charity 2013

    Tek'it Audio donated two IS Bundle, two FX Bundle, a Genobazz Pro, Badass, Dubsiren, Kutter 2 and GattR licenses for a charity auction run by Luftrum for Save the Children.

  • Kutter 2 frequency cutter updated to 2.1.1

    Our sequenced frequency cutter effect plug-in Kutter 2 has been updated to version 2.1.1. Using Kutter you can cut frequencies on the 12 band easily and breathe life into your sound using the step modulation sequencer to create trance gate effect, fading effect, chop your drums and a lot more with...

  • Autumn Sale: Kutter 2 and GattR at half price

    Kutter 2 and GattR at half price for 2 Weeks Only! For a limited time get Kutter 2 and GattR for only €15/$20 each. Kutter 2 is a sequenced frequency cutter effect and GattR is a sequenced stereo gate effect that help you create cutting edge stereo gate, chop, fade...

  • Genobazz Pro synthesizer updated to 1.2

    Genobazz Pro has been updated to version 1.2. Genobazz Pro is a monophonic synthesizer designed to be as simple to use than Genobazz but with more control over your sound, better filters and a more effective modulation system to create a new range of sound for your music.