• Kutter VST updated to 1.1

    An update of "Kutter" a sequenced frequencies cutter effect, is now available. Cuts frequencies easily, on the 12 bands and modulate the effect with the 16 steps sequencer synced on the BPM. This update focuses mainly on the optimization, the CPU use is reduced in many cases, especially when the...

  • Genobazz 1.2.1, imagine a full randomness !

    We are pleased to announce a new update for our freeware bass synthesizer "Genobazz". Genobazz 1.2.1 has extended features and some bugs fixed. The most exciting feature is the "Randomize" function, you can move the knobs randomly, but now also the switches and controls of the screen.

  • Kutter VST effect available !

    Our new VST plug-in "Kutter" is available now. "Kutter VST" is a frequencies cutter effect. With you can cuts frequencies on the 12 bands easily and synchronizes the effect on the beat with the 16 steps modulation sequencer.

  • Badass VST now available !

    We are happy to announce the availability of our new plugin "Badass" a filter and distortion effect.With 7 effects that can be used individually and 8 filter types "Badass" can simply "filter, cut, drive, lofi, shape, boost and ring" your sounds or destroy them completely.

  • Genobazz, bass synthesizer updated to 1.2

    We are pleased to announce the update 1.2 of Genobazz, our monophonic bass synthesizer. Genobazz 1.2 has some bugs fixed and many new features, like a new high-pass filter with a slope of 12dB/oct , the "Sub boost" to give punch to your sound when is needed, "Randomize" and "Reset"...

  • Tek'it Audio on Facebook

    We are now on Facebook, take a look on our page for exclusive news, media, free software and become an fan.

  • Badass, filter and distortion effect VST announced

    We are pleased to annouce our new plugin "Badass" a filter and distortion effect. Release scheduled for late July/early August, Badass can give to your sounds this little bad grain or completly destroy them with the help of filters, distortion effects, lowfi and ring modulator.

  • Tek'it Audio on SoundCloud