8kut frequency cutter effect plug-in updated to 1.3

Our free 8-band frequency cutter effect plug-in 8kut has been updated to version 1.3. This update of 8kut come with a channel selector allowing you to choose on which channel the effect is applied. This lets you sidechain the plugin to apply a different cut on each channels for example. Other changes focuses on optimizing performance as well on improvements on the user interface and the installer. 

Download 8kut now for free !

Changes in 8kut 1.3:

  • Added Left and Right channels pass through.
  • Faster Undo initialization.
  • SSE2 instruction sets requirement.
  • Reduced plug-in load time.
  • Renamed product to TA 8kut.
  • Renamed .dll file to TA 8kut.dll.
  • Added 2 new presets.
  • Added Author website URL to the note pop-up.
  • GUI major redesign.
  • GUI updated the info screen.
  • SETUP Windows 8 compatibility layer.
  • SETUP other improvements.
  • User Manual updated.
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