Justin O'Quinn

Interview with Justin O'Quinn, this Dj and electronic music producer use Tek'it-Audio's plugin on his Album "Nameless".



Justin O’Quinn is a electronic producer and DJ from the United States.
His interest in electronic music started at the age of 10 when he was first exposed to techno. Now at age 22 he has become a rising star in the electronic world, releasing club banging Trance, and House originals along with top remixes.

Where to find Justin tunes:


  • How did you get into producing music?

Well I have always been a fan of electronic music ever since the first time I heard it when I was only 10. Shortly after hearing this genre of music I received  a loop based software that started my obsession with producing.  Since then I never stopped or gave up trying to produce good electronic music, only investing more time and focusing on more professional ways of doing so. Now 12 years later I release tracks ranging from house to trance for two record labels, Tainted Buddah Records and 4 House Digital.

  • Tell us about yourself and your music?

Well I am 22 years old and from Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA.
I only listen to electronic music and enjoy all genres and subgenres of it. When I am not producing or DJing I enjoy playing soccer (Football) with friends, skiing during the winter and enjoy spend time at the beach.

  • How did you ended up using Tek'it Audio's software?

I was searching the web for synthesizer VST when I came along Tek'it Audio's Genobazz, After downloading the free download from Tek'it Audio's website I realized how amazing this product was. From there, I obtained more VST's from Tek'it Audio for which I use often in my productions.

  • What projects have you used Tek'it Audio plug-ins on?

I use a lot of Tek'it audios VST's in the majority of my projects. Some of my most notable and recent tracks made using Tek'it Audio's VST's are

Driel Nox - Sunflower (Justin O'Quinn Remix)
Floe - Imperia (Justin O'Quinn Remix)
Astra teck - Pais Tropical (Justin O'Quinn Remix)
Justin O'Quinn - Meu Anjo

My upcoming Album "Nameless" also contains several tracks made using Tek'it Audio Vsts.

  • What's your favorite Tek'it Audio plug-in, and what you like about it?

Without a doubt Kutter 2, I use it in almost every production.
I mainly use it to sidechain my sounds with the beat and to add other effects. It's usefulness in production is infinite.

  • What are your plans coming up for the next year?

In the upcoming 2012 year I plan on focusing more on getting into different genres like deep house and tribal/tech house.
I also plan on doing a monthly podcast mix of the hottest tracks in the electronic world so be on the look out for that.
Expect big things and great tracks in future :)