Interview with Deleste, this songwriter and singer use Tek'it-Audio's plugin "Kutter 2" heavily on his single "Delete It".


  • Tell us about yourself and your music?

I'm a bilingual (English & Spanish) songwriter, vocalist, DJ and drummer who likes to be original and doesn't follow any guidelines as I always try to do my own thing and I’m proud of it.


When it comes to my music it can’t be soft and to some point it should be danceable with well thought arrangements, so I try to avoid typical stuff like drops, build-ups and wobbles.



  • How did you get into producing music?

At some point in my life I realized that I had songwriting skills and that I could sing my own songs while playing the drums, so, one thing leads to another and then I started playing some songs on a reggaeton radio show (playing the DJ you know), over there I learned how they made the radio spots, then I began to read music magazines and search on the web to gather some music production knowledge and here I am.



  • Tell us about your production environment and tools ?

I have a very small but capable home studio where I record my vocals and do the complicated stuff like arrangements and plugin automation, but since my computer is a laptop I can be producing music anywhere.


I have five different types of MIDI controllers, a Venom synthesizer and some awesome VST instruments and VST effects to use them with. As for DAWs I use FL Studio for songwriting and Adobe Audition for recording and editing. If I go live or decide to mess with my own samples and record it on the fly then I go with Ableton Live. I still rely on professionals when it comes to mixing and mastering but that will change sooner than later.


I have also been experimenting with the iOS stuff but since it is still underpowered I just use it for basic stuff like recording some raw vocals, a cool synth riff or a killer beat but nothing serious. Still is very handy since ideas can come at anytime.


  • How did you ended up using Tek'it Audio's software?

I found out about Tek’ It Audio on one of those weekly “VST/AU plugin instrument/effect round ups” by I fell in love with the plugin interface as soon as I saw it (it was Kutter 2) and since I’m always looking for my own sound I tried the demos and I really liked them.


  • What's your favorite Tek'it Audio plug-in, and what you like about it?

Gotta be Kutter 2. Is not a one trick pony type of plugin. The presets are very nice indeed but when you really begin to realize how powerful it can be is when you start to draw your own presets and automate all those parameters through the MIDI learn function. That’s when it can get really crazy and let me tell you that I use it on vocals, drums and synths with pleasing results. I’m a Badass 2 and Arp EG Classic user as well.



  • What's coming up next ?

Even though I have a lot of songs completely written by me on hold I’ll be doing some collaborations during June 2013. I’m talking about five or six songs. Some will be House, some will be Trap/Hip Hop and some... only God knows what genre they are.


I will also concentrate more on the Moombahton and Reggaeton genres since I’ve been involved with those styles of music for many years. One of my main goals right now is to showcase what I can do vocally both in English and Spanish, so stay tuned for that as they will be out pretty soon.



  • Do you have any links you would like to share ?

Yes I do, those would be the following:


My official website:



CD Baby:



Thank you very much for this opportunity. I really appreciate it!