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tb DubSiren ragga reggae siren synthesizer dub sample vst audiounit plugin

DubSiren recreate the siren sounds made famous by Jamaican sound systems. Create fat siren sound with full control over the sound, an echo/ping-pong delay and a hard clipping distortion.

Key Features

The Siren Sound

Select one of the nine modulations, control the speed of your siren, sync it on the beat of your DAW. Adjust the phase, the siren effect amount, turn on the pitch tracking to play the siren at your desired tone. Sync the phase to the MIDI note gate, give it some swing and smoothness.


Control the distortion to create fat siren sounds. Play with the delay damping filters to create awesome echo or ping-pong effects. Switch the digital effect to sound like an old electronic game.


DubSiren come with 58 preset made by Tek'it Audio and ONES & ZEROS a Psychedelic Dub producer. Manage your sounds with the help of the preset manager. Rename, copy, save and load them. Undo your changes on all the parameters with a single click, write a note on each preset.


Assign all the parameters to your MIDI controller easily. Click on "Learn" on the parameter, move the control on your MIDI controller, and that it's!




Feature highlights

  • Siren synthesizer with full control under the sound.
  • Nine modulation waveform (sine, triangle, square, ramp, rip saw...).
  • Control the speed with optional sync on the beat of your DAW.
  • Control the modulation phase and amount.
  • Sync the phase to the MIDI note gate.
  • Control the swing and smoothness of the modulation.
  • Integrated echo or ping-pong delay effect.
  • Delay feedback path with damping HP and LP filters.
  • Hard clipping distortion and digital sound effects.
  • x4 Oversampling.
  • Optional notes pitch tracking.
  • Full MIDI automation support.
  • Easy MIDI learn on all parameters.
  • Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load...
  • Undo your changes to initial preset value.
  • 58 Factory presets to get you started.
  • Comes with a comprehensive user manual.


System requirements

  • 2 GHz CPU or higher with SSE2.
  • 4GB RAM or higher.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or 8.
  • 64-bit VST™ 2 or VST™ 3 compatible host.
  • Audio interface with ASIO driver support recommended.
  • To use the automation a Host with automation features.
  • For MIDI learn a MIDI interface and an external MIDI control device is required.
  • Intel CPU.
  • 4GB RAM or higher.
  • macOS 10.11 and latter (compatible with macOS Big Sur).
  • VST™ 2, VST™ 3 or Audio Unit compatible 64-bit host.
  • CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built­in audio hardware.
  • To use the automation a Host with automation features.
  • For MIDI learn a MIDI interface and an external MIDI control device is required.