• APC punk console VST updated to 1.4

    APC VST synthesizer update 1.4 is available now. APC is a square wave synthesizer that creates "low-fi" sound, re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console. This update come with improved filters, a new user mod, 4 new presets and many other improvements.

  • Genobazz R bass synthesizer updated to 1.2

    To celebrate the 3 years of the release of our first plug-in Genobazz 1.0 we release Genobazz R VST bass synthesizer version 1.2. Genobazz R is the first anniversary edition of our free monophonic bass synthesizer based on Genobazz 1.2.3, released as a gift for our customers.Genobazz R 1.2 is...

  • Arp-EG classic MIDI arpeggiator updated to 1.1

    Our MIDI arpeggiator plug-in Arp-EG classic has been updated to version 1.1. Using Arp-EG classic all the VST instrument you like and even your hardware synth (using your DAW MIDI out) can now play arp sequence.

  • Badass 2 multi-effects distortion plug-in released

    We have released Badass 2 a multi-effects distortion plug-in. With the help of twelve effects available simultaneously, including two distortions, pre and post filters, a lo-fi resampler, a bit degrader, a pitch-shifter, a frequency cutter, a frequency booster, a ring modulator, a limiter and a compressor, Badass 2 is armed...

  • 8kut frequency cutter effect plug-in updated to 1.3

    Our free 8-band frequency cutter effect plug-in 8kut has been updated to version 1.3. This update of 8kut come with a channel selector allowing you to choose on which channel the effect is applied. This lets you sidechain the plugin to apply a different cut on each channels for example.

  • Genobazz bass synthesizer plug-in updated to 2.3

    Our free bass synthesizer plug-in Genobazz has been updated to version 2.3. This new update of Genobazz mainly focuses on optimizing performance, and it now requires a processor with SSE2 instruction sets. Other changes are minor improvements on the user interface and the installer. 

  • DubSiren synthesizer plugin updated to v1.5

    DubSiren synthesizer version 1.5 is available now. DubSiren recreate the siren sounds made famous by Dub and Reggae Jamaican sound system. This big update has been developed in collaboration with Simon Field an Electronic Reggae/Psychedelic Dub producer (SoundCLoud) and come with numerous improvements to expand your siren sounds creation possibilities.

  • Tek’it Audio sponsors Kenneth Thomas “Russian Lights” remix contest

    Findremix have teamed up with Spring Tube, to launch a remix contest of legendary American DJ and producer Kenneth Thomas who is know as resident-artist and A&R manager of Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records, and regular representative of Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music.