• Genobazz updated to 1.1

    We are pleased to announce the first update of Genobazz, our monophonic bass synthesizer. Genobazz 1.1 has some bugs fixed and some interesting new features, like a new type of waveforms modulation , the glide effect revised, changing octaves in the right click popup menu ...

  • Tek'it Audio on Twitter

    Tek'it Audio is now on Twitter, follow us for exclusive news, new software preview and development updates.

  • Geno buzz around the web

    After the launch of our first freeware synthesizer plugin, we are delighted by the covering of the announcement on some popular, music tech site. Take a roundup of news on Genobazz, bass synthesizer :

  • Genobazz VSTi now available !

    Genobazz is a freeware monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, designed to be simple to use. 8 waveforms, 6 filter types, modulations and glide effects, full MIDI automation and MIDI learn on all parameters make Genobazz an ideal choice for all your bass need.