• 8eqp, 8 band parametric equalizer VST available !

    Our new VST effect plugin "8eqp" is available now. "8eqp VST" is a fully parametric 8 band equalizer with a particularity, a fixed center frequency range. Each band offers Q-factor, gain and center frequency controls.

  • APC punk console VST available !

    Our new VST instrument "APC" is available now. "APC VSTi" is a square wave synthesizer that creates fun "low-fi" sound, re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console.

  • Genobazz updated to 1.2.2

    We are pleased to announce a new update for our freeware bass synthesizer "Genobazz". Genobazz 1.2.2 has new features and some bugs fixed. New features include a maximum MIDI pitch bend range control, a right click pop-up menu with standard position for panoramic knob and some little enhancements on the GUI.

  • The game will begin contest !

    For the launch of our next plug-in we start "The game will begin" contest on our Facebook page.Tek'it Audio Facebook page provides exclusive information, interaction with us and other Tek'it audio products users. 

  • Badass, distortion effect VST updated to 1.1

    "Badass VST" update 1.1, a filter and distortion plug-in, is available now. This new version has several bug fixes and exciting new features. Among this changes we added a frequency controller to the Ring Modulator, the filters can be POST or PRE processing and a central readout can now display...

  • 8kut, freeware VST effect available !

    We are pleased to annouce our new freeware VST plug-in "8kut". 8kut is a stripped down version of our popular plug-in "Kutter" designed with Dj's and live performance in mind, allowing you to cut frequencies on the 8 bands easily.

  • Kutter VST updated to 1.1

    An update of "Kutter" a sequenced frequencies cutter effect, is now available. Cuts frequencies easily, on the 12 bands and modulate the effect with the 16 steps sequencer synced on the BPM. This update focuses mainly on the optimization, the CPU use is reduced in many cases, especially when the...

  • Genobazz 1.2.1, imagine a full randomness !

    We are pleased to announce a new update for our freeware bass synthesizer "Genobazz". Genobazz 1.2.1 has extended features and some bugs fixed. The most exciting feature is the "Randomize" function, you can move the knobs randomly, but now also the switches and controls of the screen.