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  • DlayR pattern controlled delay updated to v1.2

    DlayR VST effect has been updated to v1.2. DlayR is a pattern controlled delay effect plug-in that can be used to create delay, stutter and filter effects sync on the beat of your track. This update focus mainly on usability improvements with individual undo on knobs and a better DAW transport...

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  • Genobazz 2 and Pro synthesizer updated

    Genobazz Pro monophonic synthesizer has been updated to version 1.4 and Genobazz 2 to version 2.5. This updates focus on usability improvements on the modulation pop-up and add five new modes for the Zero-Delay-Feedback State Variable filter.

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  • Spring Deals 2016 launched up to 50% off

    Spring deals 2016 is launched with up to 50% off. Enjoy incredible promotions on all our products from March 27 to May 5.

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