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  • Neogen synthesizer updated to v1.1

    Neogen synthesizer plug-in has been updated to version 1.1. This update comes with big improvements to reduce the CPU use, some improvements on the User Interface and numerous bug fixed. Neogen is a hybrid (phase distortion/subtractive) polyphonic synthesizer with sound morphing capabilities and a rhythmic arpeggiator/sequencer.

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  • 8kut frequency cutter effect plug-in updated to 2.0

    Our free 8-band frequency cutter effect plug-in 8kut has been updated to a new major version 2.0. 8kut 2 cut frequencies with the 8 pads, from bass to mids range, high mids and treble, and is designed with Dj's and live performance in mind.

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  • Comp compressor VST updated to v1.1

    Comp our compressor effect has been updated to v1.1. Comp is a modern compressor that provides powerful visual tools to help you better control and visualize the dynamics applied to your sound. This update brings 19 new presets to the default bank, a new feature to undo all changes made on...

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