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  • Electrolyse expansion for Neogen released

    We released the "Electrolyse expansion" a bank of 64 presets for Neogen synthesizer crafted by Carl Schmeller, composer and sound designer.

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  • Genobazz R bass synthesizer updated to v1.3

    Genobazz R bass synthesizer plug-in version 1.3 is available now. This update comes with numerous improvements on the DSP and GUI side, a dedicated user manual and five new presets. Genobazz R is based on our free monophonic bass synthesizer Genobazz version 1.2.3, improved with new features such as the filter drive...

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  • FX Bundle 2 effects bundle available

    FX Bundle our effect plug-ins bundle is now available in version 2. FX Bundle 2 include 10 effect softwares in VST format to distort, filter, gate, chop, cut, compress and equalize. This new version lets you manage your softwares easily with one installer, one license and lets you select which...

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