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  • Comp compressor plug-in released

    We are proud to announce release of Comp, a compressor plug-in. Comp is a modern compressor that provides powerful visual tools to help you better understand and visualize the dynamics applied to your sound.

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  • OIO One bundle available

    IOI One our new all in one bundle has been released. With 18 products, 8 instruments, 7 effects and 3 expansions, OIO One is a great addition of new creative tools to your studio.

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  • IS Bundle 2 instruments bundle available

    IS Bundle our instrument plug-ins bundle is now available in version 2. IS Bundle 2 includes 8 instruments and 3 expansions for more than 1100 sounds ready to cut in your mix. This new version lets you manage your softwares easily with one installer, one license and lets you select...

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