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  • FX Bundle 2 effects bundle available

    FX Bundle our effect plug-ins bundle is now available in version 2. FX Bundle 2 include 10 effect softwares in VST format to distort, filter, gate, chop, cut, compress and equalize. This new version lets you manage your softwares easily with one installer, one license and lets you select which...

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  • DlayR pattern controlled delay VST updated to v1.1

    DlayR VST effect has been updated to v1.1. DlayR is a pattern controlled delay effect plug-in that can be used to create delay, stutter and filter effects sync on the beat of your track. This update focus mainly on performance improvements and brings 17 new presets to the default bank.

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  • APC punk console VST updated to 1.5

    APC VST synthesizer update 1.5 has been released. APC is a square wave synthesizer that creates "low-fi" sound, re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console. This update focus mainly on performance improvements.

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